UTS: Universal Trailer Series: Spy Crime and Psychological Thriller albums.





Montage of photos from the Abbey Rd Thriller sessions. Photography by Craig Gentle.




Dark Cool and Cinematic 3: Album and previous 2 in series.









RDR-006 | Teaser Video







RDR-006 | Cover





RDR-006 | Individual track/planet covers







RDR-005 | Radar 005 artwork and promo









RDR-004 | Radar 004 artwork and promo











RDR-004 | Radar 004 Teaser Video






Lo Editions | 1234 EP1 artwork and promo. Music from the London 1234 Festival. 1st in a series.







Burn | Indie Pop & Digital Playground albums






BBC |  Edwardian House, Simply Inspiring, Hostile Landscapes & Chart Kids Promo Pack albums







Nordic Noir | Match Music Album






Logo Design | Christopher Barnett




Universal Trailer Series Remixes | 3 updated remix sleeves for the new Universal Trailer Series







Logo Design | Movember Universal charity event 








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