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Radar new label identity and 1st 3 EP's.




Radar001. Dubstep




Radar002. Indie




Radar003. Acoustic










Cinematic Drama album cover.







Nuggets 7 Pre-release.






BBC Hard Drama Promos CD.






Atmosphere: Emotional Undersores album.







Universal Trailer Series New Releases.




Universal Trailer Series Hybrid and Remix series designs in progress.






Burn Series New Releases.




















Recent album covers: Atmosphere, Bruton & Chappell.









The Universal Trailer Series. New set of album releases. Available on CD Box set

Teaser campaign and online marketing.






Album teaser campaign and web banners.





Creative Minds CD.









Some Velvet Morning artwork.







Selection from the Pitch Music album series.







The Bruton Burn Series: New release: DJ Hybrid, Youth Pop & Serj Tankian.






Live in the studio: new series of albums






Latest BBC release. Science & Discovery



New BBC covers



BBC Production Music Album campaign. 15CD Box set with Online Marketing



BBC Teaser online advert.






Tropical Jukebox 2: Caribbean Shakedown







Feast of Feasts artwork.






Pre-release Christmas 2012 album covers. 





Recent album releases



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