Ed Macfarlane Glistens, UPPM/LoEditions

Vinyl packaging for 12' Gatefold album compillation. Foil embossed sleeve.



Glistens Promo interview and teaser


Video produced for the launch of the Glistens album featuring interview with Ed and animated idents.


The video was a collaboration with Sam Delves and Jacob Younessi from UPPM.


Video can be found HERE


My Vitriol: The Secret Sessions. 


Ltd album release for the new album by My Vitriol. Numbered Digipack.

Photography by Craig Gentle.




A selection of new artwork. please scroll down to see more

7th Sense. The new trailer label from Universal.

Seventh Sense


Seventh Sense logo, 7 album covers and banners design.


click here to listen

Bruton Vaults Series / Anthologies

New anthology album and advert for Bruton Vaults series

Radar 20: Future Electronic

Album cover animated gif

Centre 151 logo


Isle of Wight Zoo flyer 2016



The new urban label from

Universal Publishing Production Music.


5 Releases including label logo, promotional banners, annimated gifs & posters


For more info click here: www.unippm.co.uk



Radar 018 Hip Hop & Radar 019 Indie Slack-Psych. New Radar music release



A selection of new release album covers


The Chappell Noir series:

Americana Noir / Nordic Noir / Gangland


BBC production Music:

 Random Selector 02 + 50th release banner


Chappell: Night Visions


Bruton Music: Dark Textures


Bruton Music: Uplifting Epic Indie


Lo Editions

Neon Sunsets Volume 1 and 2 and Blind Colour albums

Bruton Music: Upllifting Epic Indie album cover

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Chappell Noir: New Chappell Music label campaign.










Chappell Grand Stage: New Chappell Music album campaign.











Chappell Spots: New Chappell Music album campaign.






AMBA band logo and album artwork: Photography Craig Gentle


Dark Songs & Electro Pop album. Bruton Music         


Universal Advert : photography Craig Gentle (except realworld image)


Funny Rude Bizarre library album cover         



Welcome to Spooksville cover + Banner (studio Photography by Craig Gentle)



Vitamin A : Animated gif promo




Halloween themed Itunes compilation albums         





Industrialising Intimacy: Contemporary Musical Theatre flyer artwork. (photography by Kin Ho)








Recent album cover designs.         

Blind Colour EP artwork         



Recent Album Covers



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